A friendly reminder about our strict house rules.

Please remember you are leasing a private home in a long-term residential building. It's very important to me you enjoy your stay and have your fun but at the same time respecting building management and my neighbours is paramount.

Keys: Keys used in this apartment are provided by the owners corporation and only a select number are issued to each apartment. Garage Swipes are specifically programmed for the basement access and replacement of which will cost $100 if lost. Security swipers or any key will result in a fee of $100 per item lost. This is the cost to me to have these items re-issued and will be taken from the bond.

Parties: Parties, loud gatherings, large gatherings or disruptive behaviour of any kind are absolutely prohibited. This behaviour will likely affect the relationship I have with neighbours and may affect my ability to host other guests in the future. You agree that, if you hold any type of party, or any loud gathering, in the apartment, even a small party, or a small loud gathering, you will immediately be evicted from the apartment without any entitlement to any refund of any amount paid in respect of your accommodation, including for any period after the date of your eviction. NOISE: PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS PROPERTY IS COVERED BY A NO COMPLAINT CLAUSE WHEREBY YOUR BOND IS ONLY REFUNDED SHOULD THERE BE NO COMPLAINTS FROM SURROUNDING APARTMENTS/BODY CORPORATE, PLEASE ENSURE YOU ASK FOR FULL DETAILS PRIOR TO MAKING A BOOKING AS PAYING FOR THIS BOOKING CONSTITUTES AN AWARENESS AND ACCEPTANCE of this condition. Consideration of other tenants: In consideration of other tenants, you must not make excessive noise in the apartment or public areas.

Smoking: Smoking is not permitted in the apartment. If you smoke in the apartment, you authorise us to deduct from your deposit, at least $100 (but can be up to $250) to apply towards having the furnishings deodorised.

Exclusion of liability: I do not control the buildings in which my homes/apartments are located. Accordingly, you agree I am in no way liable for any damage caused to you or your goods by a fault with the building, whether the damage is caused in the common area, or in the apartment.

Additional persons: Any additional persons occupying the property above the listed number on your booking are not permitted. If you wish to have another person stay with you during your reservation, you must notify me first. Any persons above the standard 4 guests will incur our standard per night fee of $29/night.

Pets: Animals of any kind are not permitted unless written permission is received.

If you make a booking with us AWARENESS AND ACCEPTANCE of above conditions is assumed.

We hate to have to make claims against our guests bonds but as you can understand we sometimes have no choice if above house rules are broken.

Any questions please don't hesitate to call/sms or email us

best regards,

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