Getting Here / Directions


From Melbourne Airport:

Taxi/Cab is the easiest way to our apartments but more expensive (approx $65-70 door to door)
OR premium black car/Cab service with iphone app "Uber Taxis" is fantastic" Please download from Iphone or Android App store on your handset. ((

OR more cost effective option for just 1-2 people are the two best shuttles bus services: 1 > 2 > (Starbus is recommended) If you are a group of 3-4 people we'd just recommend taking a taxi as price will be much the same.

We'd suggest Starbus (only if arriving at airport prior to 7pm daily) as it delivers you door to door which the SkyBus doesn't.
Please contact them directly. Or you could Skybus to Southern Cross Station and easily take the regular Meto trains to South Yarra (3 Stops/10mins). Most of our apartments are 5mins walk from South Yarra station